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Suspension System For Your Choose 

metal profile for plasterboard

ceiling t grids for ceiling tiles

drywall partition

ceiling grids

metal profile

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Light Steel Keel zinc coating is 40-275g/m2

  • Features:  Fast installation, Shockproof , Waterproof , Fireproof, Environmentally friendly

  • Normally it  be used in housing, hotel, school, hospital, factory etc.

  • Professional design, Reliable quality, Excellent package, after-sales Service

  • Both metric and imperial systems are accept.
  • We are able to manufacture German, Japan and Aus-American types etc, others customized.

  • Packed and Labeled according to the regulations and customer’s request

Item Sizes Package
Ceiling Grids Main Tee 32×24×3600×0.3 27pcs/carton
Cross Tee 26×24×1200×0.3 75pcs/carton
Small Tee  26×24×600×0.3 75pcs/carton
  L Angle 22×22×3000×0.4 50pcs/carton
 Galvanised Profile Furring Channel 35*22*68*3000 *0.5T 20pcs/bundle
Main Channel 38*10*3000 *0.5T 20pcs/bundle
Wall Angle: 24*24*3000 *0.5T 50pcs/bundle
Thread Rod M6 *2m 100pcs/bundle
75  C Stud 75*35*3000 *0.5T 12pcs/bundle
75 Track  75*25*3000 *0.5T 12pcs/bundle
40  C Stud 40*35*3000 *0.5T 12pcs/bundle
42 Track  42*25*3000 *0.5T 12pcs/bundle
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metal profile equipment

Ceiling Grids Dimensions and Packages List 

Item Dimensions(mm) Quantity(pcs)
Main Tee

Cross Tee

Cross Tee

Wall Angle

38*24**3660 *0.4T 25pcs/carton
32*24**3660 *0.3T 25pcs/carton
38*24**1220 *0.4T 50pcs/carton
32*24**1200 *0.3T 50pcs/carton
32*24**610 *0.4T 75pcs/carton
32*24**600 *0.3T 75pcs/carton
24*24**3000 *0.4T 100pcs/carton
22*22**3000 *0.3T 100pcs/carton

 packaged customized

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ceiling grids

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