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KET Perforated Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic Panel

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KET Perforated Ceiling Tiles are vinyl faced plasterboard tiles that provide superior sound absorption for acoustic
control in commercial grid ceilings.

As the name implies, the acoustic properties of the tiles are achieved by a regular grid of 7mm, full depth holes to
approximately 10% of the panel area. This, combined with suitable insulation provides a medium level of sound
absorption to reduce echoes and reverberation. The edges of the tiles are cut square to suit exposed grid ceiling

  • Product Options

KET Perforated Ceiling Tiles are squared edged, 9mm thick and available as 1200mm x 600mm tiles to suit
common exposed grid systems.

  • Typical applications

High traffic areas
Libraries and Galleries

  • Installation

For assistance with installation of Perforated Ceiling Tiles, try searching for a plasterer, builder or
repairer under the Locations tab.

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KET acoustic ceiling design colours

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