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How to choose Top quality Gypsum Board?

Gypsum board is a kind of material made from building gypsum. It is a kind of building material with lightweight, high strength, thin thickness, easy processing, sound insulation, heat insulation, and fire protection.

Gypsum board is divided into ordinary paper plasterboard, waterproof paper plasterboard, fireproof paper plasterboard, moisture-proof paper plasterboard, PVC veneer plasterboard, common paper plasterboard, Fiber Plasterboard, Gypsum Decoration Board Traditional meaning of Gypsum Board refers to the paper gypsum board, mainly for the decoration of the ceiling.

Gypsum Board Plasterboard:

Generally, gypsum ore is used as the main material, which can be mixed with light aggregate, made into hollow or introduced foam to reduce self-weight and reduce heat conductivity, and fiber to improve tensile strength and reduce Brittleness Can also be mixed with silica mineral powder or organic waterproof agent to improve its water resistance; sometimes the surface can be stickers or aluminum foil to increase the appearance, the production process is generally, gypsum ore after crushing, grinding, calcined into gypsum powder, then add glass fiber, foaming agent, adhesive, water reducer, corn starch, gypsum powder, etc. Mixed with water after extrusion molding, drying. Gypsum board with fire, insulation, non-flammable, can be sawn nails, sound absorption, humidity, beautiful. Sound insulation, lightweight, high strength, economic, easy construction, green environmental protection, small shrinkage and good stability, aging, moth-proofing, can be used nails, saws, planning, sticky and other methods of construction. Widely used in decoration ceiling, art ceiling, partition wall, Interior Wall and flat top decoration, partition wall, thermal insulation materials, sound-absorbing materials, WOOD SUBSTITUTE MATERIALS

General Specification for Gypsum Plasterboard: (unit: MM)

Regular Gypsum Plasterboard:3000x1200x12; 3000x1200x15


FIREPROOF PLASTERBOARD: 3000x1200x 9.5; 3000x1200x 12

Gypsum Plasterboard: 3000x1200x 9.5; 3000x1200x 12

Normal Fiber Gypsum Board: 1200x2400x 9.5; 3000x1200x 12

Reinforced Fiber Gypsum Board: 1200x2400x 9.5; 3000x1200x 12

Plasterboard Selection

How do you pick the DRYWALL

Plasterboard is used in the console that home installs commonly or partition in. The experienced person knows, choose plasterboard, what should notice basically is its paper face, general paper face where is worn, plasterboard is cracked easily from where.

Good plasterboard surface paper is after special treatment, should be very tough, can try to open the paper surface feel, and also see the paper surface and Plaster Core Board bonding strength is not strong If the adhesion is not strong gypsum board is also easy to damage.

In addition, because the Gypsum Board is usually directly in its latex paint and other finishes, so it is necessary to observe the smoothness of the surface. When choosing, can by two people in plasterboard long end, plasterboard is lifted, look at the bend in the middle, good plasterboard bend degree won’t be too big. Two people still can shake plasterboard both ends, if did not fracture just is an eligible product.

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