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acoustic panels

  • Main Material:  Torrefaction compounded high-density fiberglass wool

  • Face: Fireproof decorative fabric

  • Designs: As demanded

  • Fire-Resistant: CLASS A test by SGS(EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009)

  • NRC: 0.8-0.9 tested by SGS(ENISO354:2003 ENISO11654:1997)

  • Thermal-Resistant : ≥0.4(㎡.k)/w

  • Humidity: Dimensionally stable with RH up to 95% at 40℃ No sagging, warping or delaminating

  • Moisture Rate: ≤1%

  • Environmental Impact: Tiles and packings are fully recyclable

  • Safety: Limit of radionuclides in building materials Specific activity of 226Ra: Ira ≤1.0

  • Certificates: SGS, ISO9001:2008, CE, KFI

  • Normal SIZE: Size to order Width≤1200mm, Length≤2700mm

  • Normal Density: 100kg/m³ special density can be ordered

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