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KET Factory

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Bangzheng International belongs to Taifeng Group China which was set up in 1993, focus on Ceiling & Wall system integrated solutions for 20+ years. we own 5 sub plants in north China R&d, manufacture and trade Ceilings and Wall products. KET  is mother owned brand and the Top 3 brands in China and also a worldwide reputation brand in this industry.  We specialized in manufacturing and trading building materials including aluminum ceilings, aluminum panel, ceiling tiles, acoustic panel, drywall partition system, steel products, sanitary ware, ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble, granite, decor, and installation materials. with ISO9001, CE, CO, SONCAP, FTA certifications etc. We provide high-quality products and VIP service.  

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  • Green and Safe:

KET products are environmentally friendly recyclable building materials. They have radioactive qualities and create no chemical pollution

  • Energy saving:

KET products have excellent thermal insulation properties. They let the house warm in winter and cool in summer, therefore saving electricity;

  • High Strength Lightweight and easy construction:

KET products are lightweight, easy to handle construction, as it eases of processing, fire resistance, mothproof, antiseptic, security.

  • Contractors

KET is the perfect helper for engineering contractors; they make construction projects easier, faster and save labor and materials,  products are reliable to the project contractor and provide the personalized services

  • Company Name:    Bangzheng International

  • Business Type:    Manufacturer

  • Location:    China (Mainland)

  • Year Established:   1993

  • Total Building Size:    160,000 Square meters
  • No. of Employees:    301-310

  • Main Products: Aluminum Sheets, Aluminum Panels, Gypsum Board, PVC Gypsum Ceiling Tiles, Perforated Ceilings

  • Capacity:    580 containers/month

  • Main Markets:   Europe, America, Oceania, Asia, Africa
  • Certifications: ISO9001, CE,  CO, SONCAP, FTA, COC, PVOC certifications etc.

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